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Evaluation of the Open Projekt 2003 contest

Author: Ondrej Jombík | Section: Press Reports | Date: 2003-12-02

SkLUG In the spring of the year 2003 slovak association of Linux operating system users SkLUG tenders Open Projekt 2003 contents. Closure of interfere was estimated for the 30th Juny 2003. The project homepage is, where it is possible to find more information about the competition, such as jury constitution, a way of projects review, neccessary conditions for project join and others.

The members of Platon SDG was activelly participating on this contest and introduced two projects:

Project PDF PS Website
Platon.SK PDF PDF document
258 kB
PS PS document
500 kB
phpMyEdit PDF PDF document
238 kB
PS PS document
434 kB
(these and futher documents are mostly in the slovak language)

The results were announced in the Saturday 15th November 2003 as a part of program of LugCon9 conference - nineth weekend with Linux operating system. The winners as well as prices were not known till the last minute, so the acclaimation in the Oscar style went along with pressure, surprise and open happyness. The first price was Notebook IBM Thinkpad, which was present into competition by general partner of conference, IBM Slovakia. The second and third price was present by SkLUG and it was money in amount of 10000,- and 5000,- SKK for support of particular project.

The results were following. As you can see, we priced on the second place with our project Platon.SK.

Project Application Website
1st place creox PDF kosoru-creox-doc.pdf
531 kB
2nd place Platon.SK PS
183 kB
3rd place Games for Linux PDF michalek-games-doc.pdf
43 kB

There were also these projects in the competition:
Openwince PDF fabo-owce-doc.pdf
43 kB
Slovak localization of Mandrake Linux PDF pittich-mdk-doc.pdf
16 kB
phpMyEdit PS
142 kB

The following project did not satisfy conditions for an application, however we can mention them:
Linux.SK PDF misu-linuxsk.pdf
38 kB
Commercial use of GNU/GPL PDF kolesar-gpl.pdf
428 kB
DotPHP sunavec-dotphp.txt

Finally, skilled jury in composition Stanislav Meduna, Radovan Semancik, Jan Vajda a Martin Keseg (helper) created summary valuation document, where they highlighted positives and reveals negatives of particular projects. In the document there are also some recommendations for the future development mentioned, direction and way, where project should go.

The contest was well organized. Beyond indisputable addition in the motivation for developers, it reached success also in the propagation of projects from the community of slovak open source software developers. We just hope, that next year there will more participants and the competition level will grow as well. We in the Platon SDG already look forward this time.

Ondrej Jombik

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