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Project – Comprehensive Documentation Repository

Author: Ondrej Jombík | Section: Dev Resources | Date: 2010-12-06 We have created a web-portal, a comprehensive repository of several types of documentation.

For a longer time we had an idea to create something like this. However, we finally decide to realize our thoughts, when in the spring of this year we have succeeded to obtain expired domain via our successful Backorder product. Captured domain we decided to assign to this purpose.

Our goal was to create a full system, which would be aggregated by all types of documentation. This would be hyperlinked to each other with the possibility of complex searches across the entire site. The system is intended to serve as a universal source of manual information for programmers, analytics and system administrators.

Currently two types of documents are indexed.
Additional resources will be continuously added and expanded.

Portal portal provides its services for free without registration requirement. It is updated on a daily basis by an automated program. We will be happy if you regularly use our system. Please report to us your ideas for improvements and any occured errors, we will address them soon.

What is Platon?
Plato was a very important classical Greek philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. learn more...

Platon Group is Slovak open source software development group. We are developing, maintaining, documenting some successful open-source projects.

Platon Technologies, Ltd. is young dynamically developed enterprise, which goal is to bring open technologies into the commercial sphere.

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