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By means of Platon SDG commercial services we cover expenses related to organization, administration and propagation of our group. Further we also use these resources for financing webhosting, required hardware and in some special scattered cases software equipment. Certain part of resources we are also repeatedly investing into open source software products development.

Platon SDG offers you commercial services in the following domains:

  • Internet applications

    During internet applications and components development, we particulary emphasize separation of programming code, graphical design and site content. This brings several advantages mainly for future in representation of easier maintaning, simplier extending and at all global improving of project.

    We have an experiences from production environment concerning to internet application development on basis of dynamically generated HTML pages. We cooperated on the creating from simple ordering or feedback forms, through polyfunctional discussion forums and guestbooks, till complex editorial systems, extensive electronic shops and sophisticated advertisement systems.

    Our prominent project from web area is system for content management – Metafox: Content Management System. Using special template subsystem you can easily create any website with particular design and code characteristics. All content data are stored in relational SQL database and administration via web interface is easy, fast and effective.

  • Application software

    We have created an application development framework in C/C++, with which it is possible to easily dispose application software. We focus mostly on the client/server architecture. Server solutions are built wholly on the UNIX and GNU/Linux operating systems, which offer imperative stability and enough performance and effeciency. On the other hand client side can cover wide spectrum of platforms, and so in console as well as in graphical version. Particular type of client is an application running in the internet browser, which is platform independent.

  • Graphics and design

    We offer also services from the domain of graphics and design. It is not only the proffesional proposal and elaboration of internet presentation, but also processing complete graphical-presentation strategy. We can create a logo for you, which will be easy to remember, original, expressive in 2D as well as in 3D version and still reflecting bearing and philosophy of your subject. Further there are for example templates of official documents or presentational-advertising materials sensitively conforming selected design strategy.

    Accent during creating of internet presentation we emphasize simplicity and originality of whole solution. Very important for us is also the availability of used technologies. As long as presentation is intended for expanded area of people and usage of particular specific technology is neccessary, it is for us certainty dynamic implementation of alternative solution. This solution is for those, who does not have such technology available or who simply does not use it.

  • Webhosting

    On the server with FreeBSD (UNIX) operating system, we offer quality and stable webhosting for internet applications and presentations. Scripting support of dynamic CGI pages in PHP, Perl, Python, bash and other programming languages is matter of course. Database support in form of MySQL, Postgres, mSQL and eventually based on the user request also other database servers is also available. Further services are POP3, IMAP, web-mail, e-mail folders and aliases management, FTP, SSL, domain registration and subdomain foundation, backup and possible system or even content actualization and administration.

You can be also interested in the information about possibilities of our mutual support.

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