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Platon SDG differs two kinds of support – user and development.

We provide user support to users for installation, configuration and usage of our products. Similarly, development support is provided by users and in this way they help us during open source software projects development.

User support

  1. Discussion forums

    A web based project forums have been established to provide support on Platon.SK website. There you can discuss and consult general issues related to particular project. Especially questions related to installation, configuration and usage of software product can be asked there.

  2. E-mail support

    Standardly we provide also support through e-mail messages. A lot of projects have already estabilished and used its own mailinglist or mailinglists. They are an ideal place for consultation of non-trivial or more complicated matters. In the special cases it is also possible to consult occured problem directly using the private e-mail of project developer.

  3. Bug-fixing and improvements

    We have a concern on error-free installation and working of our open source software project, so we endeavour to fix always all of reported bugs. We want product to advance. Thus frequently we implement also in similar way reported requests regarding to various new features and improvements.

  4. Paid support and sponsoring

    There is also possibility of paid support. We will install, configure and add into working state our application for you. Respectively we will help with searching solutions for specific problems. Likewise we can do further actualizations or complete reinstallations. An other possibility of paid support is temporary sponsoring of project development and ordering of implementation of special functionality.

Development support

  1. Usage, bug-reporting and feedback

    Already with downloading package and using our application you declared your interest about our creation and so supported us. If you add exhaustive reporting of occured error or new feature for application, authors will have enough suggestions and data for further improvements of their project. We are thankful also for simple feedbacks containing "hello" or "thank you".

  2. Propagation

    Open source software projects cannot afford paid advertisement, so any propagation is very appreciated. You can for example include or register information about our projects into various software catalogs, thus more users can learn about them. Further you can write and publish interesting article about such project and that way introduce it closer to the community. Welcomed is also an activity in discussion forums with answering question of newbie users.

  3. Improving, fixing, translating

    Fixing known or unknown bug in project, implementing new feature, translating application into your native language, help with documentation creating. These all are useful ways, how it is possible actively participate on our open source software projects development and add your helpful hand to work.

  4. Financial or stuff support

    If you do appreciate work of open source project authors, you can support them with stuff, for example by providing a book from the wishlist of the appropriate author. To support whole Platon SDG it is possible for example to donate hardware equipment or direct finnancial grant. Because Platon SDG is a non-profit organization, resources obtained in this way will be repeatedly invested into open source software development.

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