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File: [Platon] / doc / diplomova-praca-rajo / diplomovka.tex (download)

Revision 1.1, Thu Jul 24 17:50:07 2003 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by rajo

Diploma Thesis of Lubomir Host.
Title: Metoda Monte Carlo vo fyzike nizkoteplotnej plazmy. (Slovak language)

% 'diplomovka.tex' created: Tue Dec 10 16:12:05 CET 2002
% Developed by Lubomir Host 'rajo' <rajo AT>
% Copyright (c) 2003 Platon SDG
% Licensed under terms of GNU General Public License.
% All rights reserved.

% $Platon$

\usepackage [slovak]{babel}
\usepackage [latin2]{inputenc}
%\usepackage {fontenc}
\usepackage {t1enc}
\usepackage {floatflt}
\usepackage {fancyhdr}
\usepackage {amsfonts}

% Definicia makier je v zvlastnom subore
\usepackage {diplomovka}

% Delenie casto pouzivanych slov
\input hyphenation.tex


\title{Metóda Monte Carlo vo fyzike nízkoteplotnej plazmy}
\author{Ľubomír Host}



% vim: ts=4
% vim600: fdl=0 fdm=marker fdc=3 fmr=/*,*/

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