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Revision 1.10, Thu Sep 26 21:24:36 2002 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by nepto

Changes since 1.9: +1 -1 lines

Doxyfile updated. Special '...' parameters do not produce warning now,
  PLATON_FUNC(x) desclared functions work fine too.
README update.


libplaton is a C/C++ reusable code repository for members of
Platon software development group,

It contains following components:

macros.h - basic C preprocessor macros

html/ - HTML parsing functions
html/read.h - HTML file reading
html/tag.h - HTML tag class

str/ - enhanced string routines
str/charsets.h - encoding tables (codepages) definitions
str/dynfgets.h - unlimited dynamic fgets() routine
str/strconv.h - converting strings between codepages
str/strctype.h - character type functions for strings
str/strdyn.h - dynamic array of strings manipulation
str/strmmx.h - string handling functions using MMX instructions
str/strplus.h - advanced string (locate, counting, removing,
                inserting, comparing) functions

telnet/ - TCP/IP telnet communication
telnet/atlantis.h - Atlantis talker classes
telnet/colors.h - ANSI terminal and talker color codes
telnet/discolor.h - removing ANSI terminal color sequences from string
telnet/telnet.h - telnet protocol class
telnet/tn_noobj.h - telnet protocol non-object routines

utils/ - special utilities
utils/bogomips.h - Linux userspace BogoMIPS counting
utils/fileplus.h - file sorting functions
utils/kbhit.h - UNIX systems kbhit() (keyboard hit) implementation
utils/luhnchk.h - credit card validation using Luhn check algorithm
utils/rdtsc.h - code max/min/avg time spend counting
utils/week.h - week number magic
utils/x86cpuid.h - CPU ID getting on x86 architecture

Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Platon SDG,

Comments, suggestions, bug reports and patches are always welcome.
Please e-mail them to the following address: <>

The latest official release of libplaton is available from:

This document was written by Ondrej Jombik in 28th March 2002.

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