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Diff for libplaton/TODO between version 1.1 and 1.7

version 1.1, 2001/12/07 08:48:27 version 1.7, 2002/09/19 15:40:40
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   libplaton TODO list
   - move sources into src/ subdirectory (this directory should better name
     platon/, read further point)
   - solve this problem; header and source files of libplaton often need another
     libplaton sources to work, so they do appropriate #include statement;
     although they use #include with relative path such as "../str/strplus.h",
     they should use system #include; so "../str/strplus.h" becomes
     <platon/str/strplus.h>; but note! this should work for headers in libplaton
     distribution and also for headers in system include folder, thus I recommend
     to name sources directory platon/ instead of src/ if we will not found better
   - create doc/ subdirectory for documentation stuff
   - document all libplaton sources using Doxygen mechanism
   - set appropriate Platon SDG headers to all sources if there is not already
     another header present
   - discover mechanism for distribution creation; note, that not all sources in
     libplaton will be included into distribution (such as Atlantis talker
     related); also note, that generated Doxygen documentation _must_ reflect
     state of sources included into distribution
   - DocBook documentation
     - not applicable; Doxygen documentation is much better
   - think if using Doxygen will not be better for creating documentation
   - rebuild building stuff (with focus on filename substitutions in Doxyfile)
   - solve standalone headers file position
     - while sources will be its separate directory (such as src/ or platon/, see
           above), they can be in root of this subdirectory
   - rename utils/ to misc/
   - create utils/ for small C programs which use or not use libplaton libary; at
     least these will be added there:
     - getmails.c (valid e-mail address extractor; move in CVS from scripts)
     - makelynx.c (lynx version HTML page optimizer)
     - crypt.c (Platon SDG CVS repository password encryptor)

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