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File: [Platon] / wolboard / TODO (download)

Revision 1.5, Sat Apr 13 22:49:49 2002 UTC (18 years, 7 months ago) by karas9

Changes since 1.4: +14 -14 lines

Bugfix - in processing empty lines
Added multi-line page separator
Now user-definable column padding character

Updated SQL queries: sprtinf()-ed and quote()-ed all SQL queries
Some bug fixes

[29-03-2002] Wol
- vytvorit user_error, set_error_handler, PEAR_ERROR.. strukturu na lepsie vypisovanie chybovych hlasok pri praci s DB/subormi

[20-03-2002] Wol
+ nahradit posledne argumenty funkcii pri volani na $db_handle!!

[14-03-2002] Wol
- user password/e-mail alteration
- user account deletion
- OPTIONS_DIALOG (autorefresh, pagesize, nick, pass, email...all)
- options difference per user
- user options persistency via cookies
- stop using _ANY_ $GLOBALS
- fully implement DB/PEAR workset

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