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xiaxue123     Joined: 21 Sep 2019   Posts: 234  
Post Posted: 2020-05-05 09:47
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njoying the misfortune of others: A Defense Mechanism Self Help Articles | June 20 Wholesale Jeff Teague Jersey , 2018

Many of us seem to delight in the misfortune of others. The Germans even have a name for this. They call it schadenfreude. Perhaps this?is a defense mechanism meant to protect us from further loss of self-esteem.



How do we feel when we discover that something good has happened to someone we know? Are we genuinely happy for that person? On the other hand, what if we learn about a misfortune that has befallen that same individual?

Not everyone delights in the good fortune that others experience. Although, the supposed benevolent side of human nature should move us to be happy for others, sometimes this is not at all what we

feel. Perhaps we may even experience a tinge of envy when people we know have it better than us.

Why is it that the news almost always features the tragic side of life. Crime Wholesale Karl-Anthony Towns Jersey , corruption and the tragedies that befall us have become the staple of our daily news. Have we become desensitized by the constant exposure to these unseemly occurrences. It would even appear that we no longer feel revulsion when faced with these realities. In fact, some may even be driven by a morbid fascination at seeing the victims of lawlessness or the horrific catastrophes that others experience.

And when we look at the so-called teleserye or tv drama shows, there is often an element of misery that befall the protagonists in the story. Again, it would seem that viewers patronize these shows because of it.

But maybe the media is culpable for having conditioned us to see only the tragic and the criminal. At the same time it may also be the fault of the viewer for not exercising his right to a responsible choice of shows.

On a more personal level Wholesale Andrew Wiggins Jersey , why is it that many of us tend to engage in gossip about the negative things that happen to the people we know? Why does it seem that we love hearing about the troubles of others?

Whether we are watching tragic news and teleseryes or gossiping about other people, there is one thing in common in all of these. It is that many of us seem to delight in the misfortune of others. The Germans even have a name for this. They call it schadenfreude.

But what drives us to feel this way? Perhaps it is our own miseries, our own burdens or our own misfortunes that draw from deep within the need to feel that others have it worse than us. We want to know that we are not the only ones suffering. And we do this so that we do not bury ourselves in self pity.

Perhaps this schadenfreude is a defense mechanism meant to protect us from further loss of self-esteem. It may even be a product of an unconscious mental process for survival. After all, if we believe we have it worst than everyone else Wholesale Jordan Hill Jersey , we may fall prey to acts of desperation or suicidal depression.

However, constantly engaging in a defense mechanism is unhealthy in itself, because it causes us to disengage from the reality of our own lives. If we perceive our lives to be miserable, then we should constructively address what makes it so Wholesale Shabazz Muhammad Jersey , instead of merely reveling in the more tragic misfortunes of others.



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Players: If you are starting up a new game I recommend picking people who are all close t the same level of skills Wholesale Adreian Payne Jersey , no one wants to be the fish every week, and it is also so fun when one of your friends wins every week, unless it is you.

Mind Power Over Involuntary Body Functions Self Help Articles | April 18, 2007
You can actually use your mind power to control what are considered involuntary body funtions. Here are some examples of how to do it.

Much has been written about the mind-body connection. Studies have shown that people can learn to control involuntary body functions consciously Wholesale Omri Casspi Jersey , using the power of their minds. But so much of the research has been challenged on the one side, and exaggerated on the other, that many of us are justifiably skeptical of claims for this kind of "mind power."

Just how much can we control our bodies using the power of our minds? Let's find out. There are simple and safe ways to experiment in this area.

Mind Power Over Autonomic Body Functions

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