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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-05-27 03:33
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Double Innovation In Paper Bag Machine

Consumption of plastic bags is continuing to decline, and they are being replaced by paper bags. Paper bag machines have a rather complicated structure, and under the present conditions, it takes a fair amount of time to switch molds when changing production. To solve such problems, Nort Makina has developed a new paper bag manufacturing machine in collaboration with Kollmorgen Elsim, trusted for their engineering and know-how. This newly developed machine is able to deliver in various dimensions and characteristics, and thus switch between different product processes several times a day. It takes a fair amount of time to switch molds in the production of different products in the machines that are currently in use, and company engineers are looking for new ways to tackle this issue. With this in mind, they conducted an intense R&D study to see how they could reduce delays between the manufacturing of different products.Get more news about paper bag machine ,you can vist our website!

Another important innovation is the approximately 30% increase in the production speed of the machine. While similar machines on the market generate 600-700 paper bags per minute in a manner that varies depending on the product dimensions, the new machine increased this number to the range of 900-1000. During the development of this technology, standard tests, as well as specialised tests, were conducted. Nort Makina Production Manager, Zekeriya Gungor, said, “There is a saying in manufacturing industry jargon that ‘the machine chooses the products’. A test you conduct with one product may not correspond to a similar product. This actually shows the quality of the machine”. He then went on to point out that they have received positive results in all of their testings. While the same product in Europe is manufactured as 500 kilograms, this number drops to 200 kilograms in Turkey, because that is the trend in demand, with which the manufacturer has to comply. If we take the daily production capacity of a machine as 1 tonne, and assume that 4 different products are manufactured within a day, an average of 4 product-switches would be necessary. When the switching time of each product is around 30 minutes, this implies that every day nearly 2 hours are spent on changing the machine-settings. This is a serious amount of time.
The Kollmorgen Automation Suite™, an outstanding machine automation solution, brings together a high level integrated and heuristic software programming environment with top of the range motion constituents and extraordinary joint engineering services in order to help construct a highly differentiated machine and a more profitable business. Providing intermediate-level computer performance, the Advanced Performance Programmable Automation Controller (AKD PDMM) provides the highest processor performance with Intel Celeron processor technology. The High Performance AKD PDMM product, which includes the 10” or 15” integrated screen options, offers superior computer performance employing processor technology integrating the Intel Core 2 Duo family of microchips

Comprising a complete range of ethernet-based servo drives that can easily be integrated into all types of applications, the Kollmorgen AKD® Series offers a plug-and-play startup system for instant and uninterrupted access to everything in the machine. Along with the top-of-the-range servo-components, the AKD drives offer industry-leading performance, communication options and power levels, all of which are produced in environmentally-friendly ways.

In order to shorten mold-switching times, Nort engineers conducted an automation-assisted study with Kollmorgen. As a result of these studies, with the innovations in the production line and adjustments in the software department, they managed to adapt the machine to use automatic measurement and thus switching. Evaluating Nort Makina’s collaboration with Kollmorgen Elsim, the Key Account Manager Gamze Yildiz states that Nort Makina had decided to conduct this application with Kollmorgen because they trusted their engineering and know-how.

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