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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 727  
Post Posted: 2022-08-02 07:38
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Water Cooling Plate And Vacuum Brazing Water Cold Plate

All products are non-standard customization. Our company is one of the production companies integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We are supported by many other domestic research and development teams. The key team is based on South China University of Technology for thermal design, CFD simulation and feasibility study.Get more news about water cool plate factories ,you can vist our website!

Water cooling plate, also known as liquid cooling plate, is an important component of liquid cooling system. It can be applied to heat dissipation scenarios with large power requirements such as new energy vehicles. Aluminum plate buried copper tube, also known as pressure tube type water cold plate, is a kind of water cold plate using copper tube and aluminum base plate combined to heat. This process is more mature, suitable for mass production and small thermal resistance. The whole pipeline can be designed without solder joints, so the reliability is higher. Friction welding process of water cold plate and pipeline, using friction welding process production.The design of the internal flow channel is more complex. Firstly use CNC processing waterway, plus cover plate with friction welding process welding. This process is also more mature, good heat dissipation effect. If the heat dissipation power is larger, the way of buried pipe can not meet the premise of using this way, the water cold plate needs external welding or quick plug joint connection. Overall, the reliability is good.

Vacuum brazing water cold plate, this process is more complex, but also uses CNC to process the internal water channel of water cold plate, and then uses vacuum brazing to weld it with the plate cover. This welding method can realize the split design of water cold plate which can be used for the heat dissipation of double-sided heat source. However, this product requires a higher welding process, the production efficiency is relatively low and the production cost is also high. It generally used for the welding of more sophisticated products.

Tightly matched sealing structure process, is also used to process the water cold plate bottom channel with CN, and then the cover and the bottom plate with screws and sealing rings for tightly matched. This way of processing is relatively simple, but the precision and reliability are not high. It's suitable for heat dissipation products with low requirements.

In general, water cold plate manufacturers will recommend the first process to make the water-cooling plate since the process is more mature with better reliability, and easy to achieve. The reliability of the water-cooling system will directly affect the reliability of the server, so we need to determine which heat dissipation process first before designing the water-cooling plate.

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