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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 727  
Post Posted: 2022-08-02 07:56
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Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines

Automatic L bar sealers use a photo eye or laser to detect products as they pass through the conveyor. After a product passes the sealing arm, the seals fully enclose the product in shrink film. After the seal, products continue down a conveyor into the shrink tunnel. The shrink tunnel has recirculating heat to shrink the film to the product evenly. Fully wrapped products exit the tunnel, and the film is conformed tightly to the product.Get more news about Auto Shrink Wrap Machine ,you can vist our website!


Automatic L Bar Sealers are fast because of the motion required to make a seal. The set L bar dimensions will make the same seal every time. Smaller products can run at 30 - 40 products per minute. Operators will be needed to load and unload conveyor belts during operation. Companies can wrap tens of thousands of products daily with the right automatic machine.

Product Varieties

Product size and variations are essential to consider when purchasing an automatic L bar sealer. Different manufacturers include sizing options. For companies wrapping multiple different products per day, a touchscreen product sizing is ideal. Some automatic machines only have manual product sizing, which means that users have to turn adjustment wheels to fit the product manually. This additional time for sizing between each product can result in unnecessary downtime and lost production.

Type of Film

An L bar sealer should be used with a centerfold shrink film. A centerfold shrink film is folded lengthways and placed on a roll. A small pouch is created for products to slide into the film. The L sealer encloses the product in one movement. Stock centerfold shrink film is offered in thicknesses from 45 gauge to 100 gauge. Automatic machines do require more than an economy centerfold film to operate smoothly. The film should be made from polyolefin and recommended to be irradiated. Irradiated or crosslinked shrink film works better with hot knife sealers. The increased seal strength helps a hot knife sealer cleanly and efficiently make seals with no leftover residue.

Sealing Blade

The sealing blade is one of the most used items on an automatic L bar sealer. Most automatic machines use a hot knife sealer for product seals. Lower cost automatic machines use a wire to make seals as products pass through the conveyor. The use of a wire sealing blade for an automatic L bar sealer is not ideal. The wire sealing blade will wear out faster and will need replacement much more often than a hot knife sealing blade. The hot knife sealing blade is a thin piece of metal that is heated to the desired temperature to make seals over and over again. With proper cleaning, a hot knife sealing blade will last for years.

rubycarter129     Joined: 02 Aug 2022   Posts: 1  
Post Posted: 2022-08-02 12:14
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Automatic side seal shrink wrap machines are continuous motion shrink packagers with a high speed. Products are moved through the machine via a conveyor system, while mechanical arms trim and seal the shrink film. Click here for more details: Offroad Wheels

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