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phpMyEdit General     Replenishment of mobile account with cryptocurrency
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Ananas6318     Joined: 25 May 2021   Posts: 42  
Post Posted: 2023-08-07 00:14
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Good afternoon. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in online payments and purchases in the virtual world. It became interesting, is it possible to recharge a mobile account online with cryptocurrency or for example to buy a gift card? Is there such an opportunity?

Romeoo333     Joined: 21 May 2021   Posts: 43  
Post Posted: 2023-08-07 00:39
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Hi. Recharge Mobile or Buy Gift Card with cryptocurrency is already real. Yes, cryptocurrency is not available everywhere. It can only be used on certain virtual marketplaces. Most often cryptocurrency is used in online games. But progress does not stand still, and already trivial to us functions have access to payment with cryptocurrency. Buy gift card for cryptocurrency is possible in one click on various online services that support such technologies. As to me this is a cool development of virtual currency, and soon it will become even more accessible for other payments.

anii3633     Joined: 20 May 2021   Posts: 44  
Post Posted: 2023-08-08 00:28
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I haven't personally seen this possibility myself, but I've had a chance to read several articles on the subject. Yes, on some platforms you can recharge your mobile account or purchase a gift card for cryptocurrency.

denisbeta     Joined: 25 Aug 2023   Posts: 2372  
Post Posted: 2023-08-25 21:37
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