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phpMyEdit General     How to find agro products export companies in india?
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Siomex     Joined: 26 Jul 2023   Posts: 24  
Post Posted: 2024-02-26 09:12
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The Indian agricultural sector is one of the largest and most significant contributors to the country's economy.

The Buyers & importers in India shows that It employs millions of people and plays a vital role in providing the nation essential foodgrains, fruits and vegetables.

With a growing demand for agro products in the global market, finding export companies in India has become increasingly important.

This blog will guide you through the process of identifying agro products export companies in India, .

Let us look at

What are HS Codes?

HS Codes, or Harmonized System Codes, are a unique identification system for traded products.

They are used by countries to classify and describe products for import and export purposes.

These codes help in the efficient movement of goods across borders and facilitate the process of customs clearance.

In India, the HS Codes are based on the 1987 United Nations Standard System, which has 24 sections and 8,514 individual items.

Important HS Codes for Agro Products:

Vegetables: 20-29
Fruits: 30-39
Pulses: 32-33
Spices: 50-63
Oilseeds and oleaginous fruits: 40-44
Coffee, tea, and spices: 60-63

Finding Agro Products Export Companies in India:

1. Research and Identify Potential Companies:

● Start by researching the agro products you are interested in exporting.
● Identify the HS Codes related to these products.
● Look for companies that are engaged in the production and export of these products.

2. Use Import-Export Data Providers:

● Import-Export data providers like Siomex can be a valuable resource for finding agro products export companies in India.
● These providers offer comprehensive databases containing information about importers, exporters, and their products.
● You can search for companies based on the HS Codes, product names, or company names.

3. Analyze Company Profiles:

● Once you have a list of potential companies, analyze their company profiles to understand their export capabilities, quality standards and past export performance.
● Look for companies with a proven track record of exports, good repute in the industry, and a strong presence in the global market.

4. Network and Build Relationships:

● Networking with industry professionals, trade associations, and government bodies can help you identify potential agro products export companies in India.
● Attending trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences can also help you connect with exporters and importers.

5. Verify the Company's Export Capability:

Before finalizing a company, verify its export license, bank guarantees and other necessary documents.

Also, check if they have a good reputation in the industry and have a proven track record of exports.


Finding agro products export companies in India requires thorough research, analysis, and networking.

By understanding the HS Codes and using Import Export data providers like Siomex you can identify potential companies and make informed decisions about your exports.

Remember to verify the company's export capability and build strong relationships for a successful export journey.

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