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xiaxue123     Joined: 21 Sep 2019   Posts: 234  
Post Posted: 2019-12-27 07:25
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There are names in many languages and cultures or even within each culture Raphael Guerreiro Portugal Jersey , separate cults with different names for 'forces of nature'. Allies, guides, elementals, fairies Rafa Silva Portugal Jersey , elves, gnomes, leprechauns and so the list would grow into the thousands. How many different dimensions or M-branes we might interact with at some level of our 'cosmic soup' is part of the question? There are different ways to access and varied levels or degrees of access. Not all are reliably replicable by the same techniques. Some element of consciousness exists in these ethereal forces which chooses not to communicate according to factors beyond the control of the soul or human who wishes such contact.

Certain times are more propitious for such contact according to most beliefs that seek to relate with these forces. The differing brain wavelengths of people make separate variations of ritualistic methods necessary. A medium, sensitive Pepe Portugal Jersey , or psychic will have their own biorhythm to control and 'center' or 'fix' if they want to commune with any of these endless variations of force. At one level or dimension a force might appear a certain way but it too may be impacted by forces from another dimension. The shamanic 'Tree of Yggdrasil' has similar ethnic relatives such as the Hebraic 'Tree of Life' and though this universal 'tree' is more than the simple primary forces that constitute 'allies' it is necessary perhaps to know a lot more in order to see the nature of forces in general. We have the words of a 'practical guide' that uses few ritualistic or cultish prerogatives to guide us a little in this trek beyond the world we see that seems so important.

"According to some shamanic traditions of the northern peoples, the Upper, Middle and Lower 'worlds' comprised nine realms of existence and these could be indicated on the Tree of Yggdrasil.

At the top of the vertical column was a 'heavenly' realm, sometimes called Asgard Nani Portugal Jersey , where celestial beings existed. Below it was the 'Place of Enlightenment' - the realm of the Mind, the Abode of Thought, and the fertile birthplace of Ideas. In the middle was the realm of material manifestation which was conditioned by Time, the Home of the personality self and of ego-consciousness {With conditioning galore and little ease of escape to find the essence of other more inclusive 'realities'.}. Below was a subterranean realm Miguel Monteiro Portugal Jersey , related to subconscious activity, where shapes were formed from thought patterns?br >
{N.B.-creativity and hallucination are closely connected. Right Thought or integrating the purpose of the creator with the created is part of the dynamic.} In the matter of using the primary forces with their North, South, East and West locations and Wind Jose Fonte Portugal Jersey , Fire, Water, Earth expressions we must remember our perceptual starting point may limit these forces ability to allow their conscious reality to meld with our INTENT! Nothing is more important than intent to a practitioner of what has been known as 'black arts' to those who priests sought to keep ignorant of their own use thereof.}.

At the base of the column was a realm of inertia - the Place of Potential. It was sometimes referred to as 'Hel' - a Germanic word meaning 'covering', because it covered the deepest areas of the unconscious. It had none of the associations attributed to the fiery 'Hell' of the myths of later religions. {Plagiarizers and ridiculing epithet hurlers.}

On the horizontal plane were other aspects of being and of experience Joao Moutinho Portugal Jersey , which similarly formed part of the 'hidden' knowledge of the shamans.

The Runic shamans of the ancient northern peoples acquired 'hidden' {Trans. 'occult'} knowledge by the use of angular symbols (Runes) which could easily be carved on wood or chiselled into stone. Contrary to modern belief (based on the conjecture of some anthropologists), Runes were not simply a secret code whose characters were used as substitutes for letters of the common alphabet. It is likely that the majority of Runic shamans could not read or write their own language, or Latin, which became the language of the scholar after the Roman influence. Runes actually represented patterns of manifestation and the laws responsible for shaping forms { N!} into which energies could find expression. They were - and are - symbols of a Cosmic language Joao Mario Portugal Jersey , and are valid on all levels of existence.

In the Runic 'alphabet', known as the Elder Futhark because it is considered the oldest of known Runic systems {Divinatory systems have been around since man first thought. The sticks of the I Ching and the black and white painted sides of coconut shells used by 'Orisha' worshippers such as voudou and Santeria, are probably far older than any European hominid, and certainly any white man.} and because the word 'f- u-th-a-r-k' is made up of its first six characters Fabio Coentrao Portugal Jersey , there are twenty-four Runes. There are also just twenty-four possible paths between the nine realms indicated on the Tree of Yggdrasil. So the Runes can serve also as 'travel permits', enabling the Runic shaman to explore Inner Space, and as 'passports' to these other realms of existence within the Cosmic Web.

Shamans of Britain and Northern Europe were thus aware that the Cosmos functions at different levels of existence, and that these broadly correspond to various aspects of the mind. Such a concept was fairly widespread among indigenous peoples Eliseu Portugal Jersey , and can be seen represented on certain tribal artefacts, such as the totem poles of the red-skinned Indians of we It is possible to . Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys

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