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phpMyEdit Installation     eter is 0. 15μm. When
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Behind the combustion cone is the pyrolysis distillation zone B. The pyrolysis distillation zone in the center of the combustion cone has insufficient oxygen supply and the reaction is carried out under anoxic conditions. The hot gas stream from the high-temperature combustion zone provides energy, resulting in complex chemical changes in the pyrolysis distillation zone Cheap Cigarettes . Many substances in cut tobacco undergo violent and complex chemical reactions here, and most of the compounds in the flue gas are formed here. At the same time, under the action of hot air flow, the volatile substances in the cut tobacco volatilized into the smoke air flow (the semi-volatile 5-membered and 6-membered nitrogen-heterocyclic compounds made a significant contribution to cigarette flavor). The chemical reactions carried out in the pyrolysis distillation zone are mostly endothermic reactions Cigarettes For Sale , where the flue gas stream is rapidly cooled, and the temperature of the hot gas stream in this zone is reduced from 800°C to 100°C. Terpenes, phytosterols such as stigmasterol, paraffins, sugars, amino acids, cellulose and many other components in tobacco form volatilization through thermal decomposition, thermal synthesis, dry distillation, polymerization, condensation, free radicals, etc., Semi-volatile gases, and liquid and solid substances (such as tar), etc. From the pyrolysis distillation zone to the end of the smoke branch is called the condensation filter zone C. Here, the temperature of the flue gas is reduced from 100°C to room temperature. The low volatility components in the flue gas begin to condense as they reach a saturation point as the temperature drops sharply. In addition to condensing these low volatility components onto the cut tobacco, the low volatility substances in the flue gas during the air flow flow, the tiny carbon particles formed by the burning of carbon, the tiny fragments of organic matter, ash, and ionization The molecules consist of ions that are condensed nuclei, condensed into larger particles. While these particles are traveling with the smoke flow, part of them are trapped by the cut tobacco and filter, and others enter the mouth of the person along with the mainstream smoke. Sidestream smoke formation process In the smoldering stage of the suction gap Newport Cigarettes , the natural convection air near the cigarette combustion zone flows upward to support the combustion of the cigarette, and a high concentration of organic vapor is formed in the pyrolysis distillation zone inside the cigarette branch. Due to the lack of pulling force, most of the organic vapor quickly diffused into the atmosphere through the partially degraded cigarette paper to form sidestream smoke. After the sidestream smoke diffuses into the atmosphere through the cigarette paper, the temperature suddenly drops, and after dilution by air, aerosol particles smaller than the mainstream smoke particles are formed. Sidestream smoke and smoke exhaled by smokers diffuse into the air, and after aging and dilution, form environmental tobacco smoke (Environmental Tobacco Smoke, ETS for short). Characteristics of flue gas The characteristics of flue gas particles The newly generated mainstream flue gas aerosol contains 109 to 1010 particles per cubic centimeter, and the initial diameter of the particles is distributed between 0. 01 and 1. 0 μm. With the extension of time, the particle diameter continues Increase, after the smoke stays in the smoker's mouth for 10 seconds, the particle diameter increases to 0. 1 ~ 46μm, the average diameter is 0. 2μm. The particle distribution of sidestream flue gas is different from mainstream flue gas, its distribution is 0. 08 ~ 1. 0μm, and the average diameter is 0. 15μm. When the cigarettes are still burning, 6. 3×109 particles are generated per second.
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