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phpMyEdit Installation     Amnesty Ukraine chief resigns, criticizing Zelensky army
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jira13578     Joined: 16 Dec 2020   Posts: 561  
Post Posted: 2022-08-09 04:57
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Head of Amnesty SLOTXO International in Ukraine resigns After a controversial report criticized the military. pointed out as a tool to create legitimacy against aggression Ukrainian authorities condemned the report. Emnesty links as part of Russian propaganda

On August 8, 2022, the Washington Post reported that the head of Amnesty International or Amnesty international in Ukraine revealed that She is about to resign from the position. After the human rights organization released a report criticizing the formation of the Ukrainian military.

which sparked dissatisfaction among Ukrainian officials who said It is an unfair reprimand of the victims of the Russian war.

Chief Oksana Pokalchak, who spearheaded efforts to lead Amnesty International to provide humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. Facebook post that “This is another loss that war has taken from me.”

She said that although she was proud of the work done by Amnesty International, or Amnesty It was done to highlight Russia's war crimes. But a report published last week (August 4), which allegedly "Ukrainian combat tactics are dangerous to civilians" has sparked conflicts between officials in the Ukrainian office. and the headquarters of Amnesty International

Pokalchak said: Organization officials in Ukraine urged Amnesty International to allow Ukraine's defense ministry to comment on the findings of the controversial report. before publishing But the corporate headquarters gave staff time to respond. "Just a little"

she also said “For this reason although not willing The organization has created content that appears to support the idea of ​​Russian legitimacy.”

Amnesty report Reveals Ukraine to set up military bases in civilian villages
In the report stated that Ukraine's forces have put innocent civilians in danger through building bases and deploying weapons in heavily populated areas. both in schools and hospitals.

It also indicates that There is evidence that Ukrainian forces launched an attack from within the heavily populated area. As well as setting up military bases in civilian buildings in more than 19 cities and villages in each region.

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