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phpMyEdit Installation     NASA canceled its Artimis I mission today due to engine fail
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jira13578     Joined: 16 Dec 2020   Posts: 561  
Post Posted: 2022-10-20 05:47
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NASA announced SLOTXO he cancellation of the Artemis I mission today after an engine problem was discovered. Wait for the engineer to analyze the problem information before launching the rocket again.

On August 29, 2022, NASA tweeted this evening. (Thailand time) that the launch of #Artemis I will not happen again today. As the teams worked through the engine crash problem. The team will continue to collect information. And we will inform you about the timing of the next launch attempt.

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While the BBC reports that the controller has timed out. After the NASA team tried to solve the engine problem. And causing today's launch of Artemis I to be cancelled.

NASA said the controller is continuing its assessment. Why was the drop test unsuccessful and timed out? Due to the RS-25 engine testing at the bottom of the core stage, there was a suitable temperature range for lift off. In this regard, NASA engineers are continuing to collect more information.

Dr. Becky Smeherst, an astrophysicist from the University of Oxford. Said to cancel the mission today. "It wasn't unexpected", suggesting there had been some obstacles to training since earlier this year.

"It's actually rocket science," she told the BBC. with compliments to the engineers involved She said she imagined the atmosphere on the ground as "crazy" as NASA officials rushed to come up with a last-minute solution to the engine problem.

She said she was "confident" that a few more days would be enough to resolve any hurdles ahead of Friday's second launch.

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