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kingmilo     Joined: 20 Oct 2022   Posts: 11  
Post Posted: 2022-10-20 06:34
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Do you get worried when you get the essay writing assignment?


Maybe it's because of the uncertainty and lack of clear ideas regarding the essay type that you have to choose. You are not alone in this struggle because as a student, I used to get confused too. If you are having trouble writing your research paper, get in touch with an  essay writer .


So, here is a small guide for you on essay types and when you can use them. So, stick with me and know everything about essay types.


Analytical Essay

Not a basic type of essay but you have to utilize your critical lens to write this essay type.


Yes, do not make the mistake of writing it like a definition essay.


In this essay type, you are supposed to describe a concept or topic but you need to take one step further and analyze the pros and cons of the topic too. It means that describing a concept is not enough, you have to move beyond the definition and look for other perspectives. This is somehow like objective analysis. You can always ask, “can you  write essay for me ?” from professionals. 


For example, in a simple or expository essay, you will explain America’s decision of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan but in an analytical essay, you will also mention the diverse impacts of this decision on the whole target region.


You have to dive into the benefits and pitfalls of the topic folks.


Expository Essay

If your teachers ask you to write a definition essay on a topic, then you are supposed to write an expository essay.


 Yes, an expository essay is the simplest and basic form of essay where you do not have to make an argument but simply explain the topic. You will answer your paper’s prompt directly without any conceptual complexity.


If you think you are confused between the expository essay and the analytical essay, then you can take help online. Many online essay writing service websites provide you with a sample paper that can help you to understand the difference. So, do not mix both essay types with students and get a sample to know the difference.


Narrative Essay

Have you read about the reflective or personal essays and their format?


If yes, then you must be talking about the Narrative essay because, in this essay type, you can combine personal storytelling with the academic argument. It is like you are using your personal narrative to make an argument or to impart a lesson and you can even write this essay in first-person narration.


So, whenever you are asked to write an autobiography or a non-fiction text about your own life experiences then, the narrative essay is a good option.


Persuasive essay

You must have heard about the argumentative essay as a student.


Well, if yes then your argumentative essay is a persuasive essay too because both are the same and, in both essays, you have to convince the readers in favor of your stance. In this essay type, you have to make an argument about your topic and then present claims to prove it. It's like you are standing in a debate and you have to defend your point.


As a writer, your main focus should be on understanding and supporting the main point and you have to gather supporting data to back it up. So, whenever the teacher asks you to write an argumentative essay, your focus should be on fulfilling the parameters of persuasive writing.


Descriptive essay

What if your teacher asks you to explain some event or object, what will you do?


You are going to choose the descriptive essay type because, in descriptive writing, your main goal is to explain and describe the target event or object with sensory details and a lot of imagery.


This essay is usually written in a creative style so that the readers can feel the happening of the event and they do not feel detached. As a good essay writer , you are supposed to use vivid imagery and all senses like smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound to make your essay perfect. So, do not just write an event, try to be creative.


Cause and Effect Essay

“For every action, there’s a reaction” is a very famous quote.


So, when you are asked to write an essay, where you have to cover the causes of the topic and then its impact then, you have to go with the parameters of the cause-and-effect essay. It is like, you have to track, “how something is the result of something else and how things influence each other.


This essay has some proper organization such as, you first have to explain the causes and then mention its effects to make your writing more organized.


So, be ready to find the cause and effect of topics when your teacher gives you an assignment like this.


Critical Analysis Essay

If you are a student of literature then, you have to deal with this type of essay more often.


In critical analysis, you have to take any piece of literature and break it down into parts to make an argument about one of its literary elements. You can even put theories to analyze the author’s point of view or you can follow the traditional argumentative style and its format. To write my essay , I usually used to take the literary theories related to one particular aspect of work and then, analyze and put them together to make an argument.


Compare and Contrast Essay

You have to go with this essay type when you are asked to compare two different texts, events, or places.


You have to take things side by side to point out the differences and differences between them and then, you have to illustrate a major point. This essay is simple and you do not have to put in a lot of effort as you do in a critical analysis essay.


Now that you know everything about the essay types and when you can use them, you can excel in every essay assignment. So best of luck readers.



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