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soveda4966     Joined: 24 Nov 2021   Posts: 639  
Post Posted: 2022-11-27 07:29
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From the beginning, Nerf's foam dart guns were marketed for kids 8 years-old and up, but the success of their new 2010 series of N-Strike blasters showed that their market included older kids too. They saw the popularity and organization of team Nerf gun contests and tournaments as an indication that Nerf buyers were ready for something new, and their new Vortex Series Nerf guns seem to be just what older, (and younger), Nerf kids were waiting for. If you have a Nerf kid on your Christmas list - you have to check out these new blasters.

The most major change was the ammo. The Vortex series guns use small foam and rubber disks, rather than the traditional foam darts, and they also have XLR, (extra long range), a technology that increase their range to almost twice that of even the best N-Strike blaster of Christmas 2010.

Add motorized full-auto fire capability, and you have the Vortex Nitron -the Top Dog of the Vortex series. Nerf game play will never be the same, and the Nitron is the top pick of serious Nerf kids.

The Vortex Series Nerf Guns

Nerf has introduced four models in the Vortex series for 2011. Two rifle-style blasters; the Nitron and the Praxis, and two pistols; the Vigilon and the Proton. All use the new disk ammo.

The Vortex Nitron

The Nitron is the Big Dog of the Vortex family. It has the most of everything; longest range, biggest magazine capacity, motorized full-auto capability, and an electronic scope that even has pulsing light for targeting. It also includes Nerf's updated Tactical Rail System, which makes adding accessories and customizations easier.

The Vortex Praxis

The Praxis doesn't have full-auto firing, but it makes up for that in a big way with its own special features. It is a pump-action blaster that has a feature Nerf calls Slam-Fire - that enables it to shoot as fast as you can pump it. Its power and range are equal to the Nitron's, and it also includes the updated Tactical rail system, but it has more. The Praxis rifle stock can be removed to change the blaster's profile, and there are more customizations available to make this the new Nerf gunthat is most adaptable to a player's preferences.

The Vortex Vigilon

The Vigilon offers the most pistol-power available in any Nerf gun. It has a 5-disk magazine that features a drop down rapid-load design, and ultra easy and fast snap-in magazine changes to keep you in the thick of the action, when others might be stopping to reload their weapons.

The Vortex Proton

The Proton, another Nerf pistol, is the smallest of the Vortex series, and it is also a single-shooter -no rapid fire and no magazines. But that doesn't mean the baby of this family doesn't have its own merits. The smaller profile means it is better suited to be a back-up or hide-away weapon, something that can come in handy in team Nerf games, and it does have the same XLR technology that matches its range to that of the other Vortex series blasters.

Customer Reviews Say It All

The Vortex Nerf guns were targeted for the Christmas 2011 shopping season, with a planned September introduction, but some stores unveiled them in August - much to the glee of anxious Nerf kids, and the rave customer reviews flooded in.

You can see a more details about the hottest new Nerf gun Christmas gifts this year, complete with pictures, details, customer reviews, and direct links to some of the lowest prices available online at: New Nerf Guns for Christmas

GA Anderson is an online author and freelance article contributor. Writing for the new Top toys website, he showcases the top upcoming new toys for Christmas.

soveda4966     Joined: 24 Nov 2021   Posts: 639  
Post Posted: 2022-11-27 07:37
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