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phpMyEdit General     checkboxes for values from another table
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dutchak     Joined: 12 Nov 2011   Posts: 1  
Post Posted: 2011-11-12 09:32
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Hi all,
Maybe I'm missing something, but I have tried all founded solutions on this forum an no results unfortunatelly.
The task is seems to be simple:

$opts['fdd']['price_id'] = array(
'name'     => 'Fixed price:',
'select'   => 'C');
$opts['fdd']['price_id']['values']['table'] = 'services';
$opts['fdd']['price_id']['values']['column'] = 'service_id';
$opts['fdd']['price_id']['values']['description'] = 'service_name';
$opts['fdd']['price_id']['values']['filters'] = 'service_group_id in (7)';

There should be checkboxes, but system forceing me to use Dropdown list only.
I'll appreciate any help on this.

doug     Joined: 10 Feb 2003   Posts: 1013   Location: Denver, Colorado (USA)
Post Posted: 2011-11-12 17:42
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Set 'select' to M for multiple-select. Checkboxes are not an option.

trister     Joined: 01 Dec 2010   Posts: 15  
Post Posted: 2011-11-17 10:03
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A solution I did for the checkbox problem was this :

main file :
$opts['fdd']['assign_to_notify_only'] = array(
  'name'     => 'assign to name',
  'select'   => 'T',
  'select|CA'   => 'C', // Multiple Selection only under EDIT (C) and Add (A) 
  'sort'     => true
//The Following line includes some PHP code that creates a [values2] entry.
include "trister/query_values2_multiselect.php";

Included file :

//To DO use better mysql connect
$db_link = mysql_connect($opts['hn'],$opts['un'],$opts['pw']);
/* SET NAMES 'utf-8' COLLATE 'collation_name' */
@mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'",$db_link);   

$query='SELECT name FROM assign_names';
  $name_templist = '';
  $res = mysql_query($query,$db_link);
  while ($row = @mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
      $name_temp = $row['name'];

It is a workarround that works ok for me.
I hope this helps people.
Any suggestions /corrections are welcome.
Note: I am using this with the latest CVS version.

trister     Joined: 01 Dec 2010   Posts: 15  
Post Posted: 2011-11-28 11:23
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Fix to checkbox Filtering problem.
The solution I posted had a problem during filtering.

My solution was to hack phpMyEdit.class.php and
replace this line :
= array('oper'  => 'IN', 'value' => '('.join(',', $ids).')');

With this

=array('oper' => 'LIKE', 'value' => "'$afilter'");

I haven't tried to see if this breaks anything else but It have solved the checkbox add/edit/filter search problem[/code]

tom0099     Joined: 12 Jul 2021   Posts: 20  
Post Posted: 2021-07-12 14:09
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Kaylee9921     Joined: 29 Jun 2021   Posts: 36  
Post Posted: 2021-11-16 02:27
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andrewsaw1     Joined: 07 Sep 2022   Posts: 50  
Post Posted: 2022-09-07 08:15
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danverseak2     Joined: 07 Sep 2022   Posts: 72  
Post Posted: 2023-01-06 02:46
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lilycollins9x     Joined: 23 Feb 2023   Posts: 9  
Post Posted: 2023-02-23 08:50
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Checkboxes for values from another table can be used to allow users to select one or more options from a list of values that are stored in a separate bitlife table. This is commonly used in database applications to create a many-to-many relationship between two tables.

Emaan     Joined: 12 Mar 2023   Posts: 2  
Post Posted: 2023-03-13 05:13
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keagan     Joined: 04 Oct 2022   Posts: 12  
Post Posted: 2023-06-28 04:47
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Zombies     Joined: 12 Dec 2022   Posts: 711  
Post Posted: 2023-07-03 08:22
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Post Posted: 2023-07-23 07:32
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