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Package MD5
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Name laboratorne-prace-rajo  release MD5
Filename laboratorne-prace-rajo-05-04-24.tar.gz (562,405 bytes)
Date and Time 2005-04-24 23:50
MD5 summaries normal bf581741333872155a04fdda7d253dd1
generated bf581741333872155a04fdda7d253dd1
location not available

Control MD5 summary is used for verification if distribution package is real and correct. In order you want to be sure, that package was not modified in any way since its release, it is recommended to use these control summaries. On the system GNU/Linux it is possible to check correction of package for example with application md5sum.

In the project system Platon.SK there can be three kinds of control MD5 summaries:

  • normal - entered by project developers
  • generated - automatically generated by system Platon.SK
  • location - points to other server containing MD5 checksum
Important note

If any from these three MD5 summaries differs, it means that there is something wrong with MD5 summaries or even worse there is something wrong with packages.

However if some package MD5 summary is not available, this does NOT imply a problem. It just means, that particular MD5 summary was not entered by project developers.

Due to possibility of package alternation, please do not download this probably modified package. Contact us immidiatelly. We will try to investigate this problem as soon as possible.

Take this seriously. Security is our mutual goal!

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