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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-08-02 08:16
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Slab Gate Valve

RAYS Slab Gate Valves are manufactured with a full bore port, rising stem OS&Y and with floating seats and gate, pressure energized, for a bubble tight shut off upstream and downstream under both low and high differential pressure. Double block and bleed capability and automatic relief of excess body pressure are a standard feature of this seat design. The smooth, continuous bore minimizes turbulence within the valve and when in the open position it produces a pressure drop equivalent to a portion of pipe of the same length and diameter. The seat faces are outside the flow stream and therefore protected from the erosive action of the flow. Pigs and scrapers can be run through the valve without damage.Get more news about through conduit gate valve ,you can vist our website!

The stem is designed with a threaded-in T bar allowing relative motions of the gate under line pressure. The stem seal uses braided graphite gaskets ensure sealing integrity. Stem sealant injection system is achieved through a por t located on the bonnet. In case of leakage through the stem seal it is possible to inject the sealant through the stem packing release valve.

At PARAVALVES, every product is carefully engineered as all the neccesary parameters are studied to develop our solid and reliable knife gate valves.

Though conduit knife gate valves are specially made for the pulp and paper industry, for pulp outlets or under silo applications. The design allows flow media with high consistency either for normal or reverse flow due to the bi-directional double seat design. The high flow coefficient value of this knife gate valve provides high flow rates with low pressure drops.

The two-piece construction bolted body retains a gate that contains a round openning inside that is able to cut the flow for the required charged liquid applications. When the opening of the gate is aligned with the opening of the split-bodies, the valve is opened. The gate closing principle is similar to the functioning of a «cigar cutter».

Installation of this equipment is done between pipeline flanges, which flange drilling can be made according to customer specifications or PARAVALVES standard. Face to face determines the distance between flanges and this can also be taylor-made to comply with customer project. ButtWelding ends can also be supplied on request.

K240 THROUGH CONDUIT KNIFE GATE VALVES series are divided in different types depending on the design pressure. K241 model is reffered to standard design with differential pressures from 2bar to 10bar depending on valve size (see section below). K242 model shall be selected for higher design pressures up to 10bar for all sizes up to DN800. Different materials are available such as carbon steel or many stainless steel grades according to required application.

denisbeta     Joined: 25 Aug 2023   Posts: 2300  
Post Posted: 2024-01-11 16:11
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