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phpMyEdit Configuration     What would you think about the above poster's Runescape
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Dingbest     Joined: 29 Sep 2020   Posts: 3  
Post Posted: 2020-09-30 02:26
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I ate swordfish as I continued trying to resist the Revenant. I turned on prayer and turned to flee. But the prayer was not functioning! The suspend spell was too strong. Although I had many swordfish, prayer + seeking to run away was NOT escaping from RuneScape gold the Revenant's freeze spell. I began to panic, but finally the prayer broke the freeze spell and I ran off from the revenantout of the Wilderness.

I then levelled up to att/str/def/hp of ca. 70 each. I took the best mage items in f2p (Orb Project full outfit, a magical staff), plenty of runes (Earth Blast), complete stock of food, completely charged prayer points. . .and also took an emergency (1 water+3 air+1 law) Falador teleport. I was ready to adventure to the Dark Warrior's Fortress. I had been keeping a careful watch out for Revenants, and I was prepared to defend myself with mage+prayer if need be.

From the Dark Warrior's Fortress, I had a couple of seconds' warning of the level 53 Revenant coming down the halls. I turned on ivory and tried to get Earth Blast prepared. But the Revenant was hitting 15 HP a while!! I ran off 8 squares and'd prayer on, however, the Revenant was still hitting 10-15 HP a while, even though it was lots of squares away from me! I didn't have time to consume food to offset the HP loss. Whoever mentioned mage is the best way to combat Revenants: I discovered it was not: Level 75 and 65 Revenants hitting 8-10 HPs on full Rune armor, level 53 Revenant hitting much higher HP.

The panic of realizing that mage is NOT the best way to go probably did not help my mouse-clicking because I fumbled between attempting to throw Earth Blast about the Revenant and attempting to eat some food. The Revenant was now hitting for 20 HP. I fumbled with the mouse to Emergency Falador Teleport! I found myself in Falador using 6 HP. What a huge relief I believed that I took the Falador teleport runes! The moral of this story: If you are F2P, stay away from the Wilderness and its own Revenants! (With the possible exception of the dash into Fist of Guthix.)

Straight to the chase: What would you consider to be your Runescape personality's Runescape theme tune and why? Also, what can you think about the aforementioned poster's Runescape theme song for their Runescape personality and why? You are able to course your character's theme song based on cheap OSRS gold the name of the song, the emotion that you get from the tune, or even the rhythmic feel! My character's theme tune: Distant Land.

AronSawyer     Joined: 08 Sep 2022   Posts: 1  
Post Posted: 2022-09-08 19:24
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I just don't know how people eat swordfish, they're just so disgusting. I first ate a swordfish when I saw it on and at that time, it looked pretty good. But it only looks good, doesn't taste good at all.

asshancuc     Joined: 20 Jul 2022   Posts: 64  
Post Posted: 2022-09-10 04:00
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denisbeta     Joined: 25 Aug 2023   Posts: 2170  
Post Posted: 2024-01-13 18:55
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