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phpMyEdit General     JLG DaVinci AE1932 All-Electric Scissor Lift Sets New Benchm
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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2021-08-14 04:43
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JLG DaVinci AE1932 All-Electric Scissor Lift Sets New Benchmarks

JLG Industries Inc., a leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers, has elevated the access industry with its now-available all-electric DaVinci™ AE1932 scissor lift.To get more news about davincidynamic , you can visit official website.

Featuring no hydraulics and no emissions, this 19’ scissor lift is purpose-built for applications that have stringent environmental regulations.

Every DaVinci component, including the control, lift, drive, and steering systems, is optimized. That reduces energy consumption by up to 70%, compared to a traditional scissor lift. The lower energy consumption allows use of a single lithium-ion battery.

“The DaVinci AE1932 scissor lift represents the next generation of electrification,” says Shashank Bhatia, senior director of engineering for MEWPs at JLG. “While there is no shortage of battery-powered or electric scissor lifts on the market today, those other models continue to include hydraulic cylinders for actuation, which require hydraulic oil for operation, leaving the possibility open for messy leaks on sensitive job sites. JLG continues to push the envelope in innovation around the entire construction ecosystem, from our rental partners to job sites. This new JLG all-electric machine unlocks new possibilities and applications where these types of machines could not be used in the past due to concerns surrounding leaks.”

Control System

DaVinci lifts use a distributed architecture where each system (lift, drive and steer) is connected independently. That helps reduce voltage drops and latency and lets the control system connect and communicate directly with each system.

Because the control system is fully connected to the entire machine, the DaVinci scissor can transmit data to operators, fleet managers, and service technicians via Bluetooth and cellular networks. That sets the stage for new features like the DaVinciGo app. The app provides real-time machine health and battery status information and lets service technicians perform remote diagnostics and push over-the-air software updates.
The drive system uses permanent magnets that generate torque to spin the motor. It is estimated that permanent magnet performance can increase motor efficiency by and average of up to 20-30%. Motors with permanent magnets have a long life and require no servicing.

Steer System
For smooth operation, the independent controllers of the DaVinci’s steering system reduce tire scrubbing, which helps control tire wear and limits damage to sensitive flooring.

The AE1932’s intuitive steering system lets DaVinci operators maneuver the lift easily into and around narrow and restricted areas to get work done where it’s needed.

Lift System

The DaVinci’s lift system features an electromechanical lift actuator instead of the hydraulic cylinder used on traditional electric scissor lifts. Since there are no hydraulics, the AE1932 does not leak, so it doesn’t need diapers.

“The simplified design makes the AE1932 noticeably different when working at height,” says Rafael Nunez, senior product manager of scissor and vertical lifts at JLG. “Traditional battery-powered lifts have hoses routed throughout the scissor stack. The DaVinci has no hoses for a clean, modern appearance with significantly reduced maintenance and service requirements.”

Also, the DaVinci scissor lift system recovers energy as the platform descends, sending it back to the battery to help maximize use between charges.

janiineford3     Joined: 07 Sep 2022   Posts: 20  
Post Posted: 2022-09-07 07:21
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JasperDallas     Joined: 21 Dec 2022   Posts: 14  
Post Posted: 2023-04-21 06:07
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Need my previous post

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david564     Joined: 06 Apr 2023   Posts: 3  
Post Posted: 2023-04-21 07:32
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I faced similar kind of issue last time

alexzender     Joined: 09 Aug 2020   Posts: 648  
Post Posted: 2023-07-08 15:14
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The new benchmarks that have been set are just unparalleled to be honest. You can even read about it on . It's a great read in this context.

Yvette85     Joined: 11 Oct 2022   Posts: 25  
Post Posted: 2023-07-20 11:17
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With its cutting-edge technology, emission-free operation, and impressive capabilities, it redefines efficiency and sustainability. I say you can learn more things about the best products. Offering exceptional height reach and platform capacity, this innovative lift ensures enhanced productivity while reducing environmental impact. It's a game-changer for elevated work tasks, setting a new standard for modern aerial equipment.

Hatell1974     Joined: 23 Apr 2022   Posts: 232  
Post Posted: 2023-10-27 13:02
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An all-electric scissor lift represents a significant advancement in industrial technology, revolutionizing the way we approach various tasks at height. With its eco-friendly design and efficient electric power, it provides a versatile solution for reaching elevated workspaces while minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the integration of innovative features like the precision control system ensures enhanced safety and accuracy during operations. The all-electric scissor lift has found its application in diverse sectors, from construction and maintenance to warehouse management. Moreover, its impact goes beyond just industrial settings; the technology is akin to a money counting machine for businesses, streamlining operations, saving time, and increasing overall productivity. As industries continue to embrace this innovative solution, it not only contributes to a more sustainable future but also demonstrates the power of cutting-edge engineering in transforming everyday tasks.

maryrosesolero     Joined: 21 Feb 2024   Posts: 10  
Post Posted: 2024-02-22 15:29
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