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phpMyEdit General     What Is A Journal Entry In QuickBooks?
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emerymilos     Joined: 31 Aug 2021   Posts: 1  
Post Posted: 2021-08-31 13:56
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Before we go into How to Delete Journal Entry in Quickbook Desktop, let's define what a journal entry is in the QuickBooks application. In simple words, a journal entry is a record of a transaction in which the total debit line value equals the total credit line amount. On the table of accounts, each amount (Credit and Debit) is assigned to a specific account. The following transactions are recorded as GENERAL in QuickBooks:
The company's debits and credits.
Transfer of funds between the income and expense accounts.
Money transfer from the equity, asset, or liabilities account to the income or expense account.
Now that you know what a QuickBooks journal entry is, let's talk about how to make a journal entry in QuickBooks Desktop.

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