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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-05-27 02:47
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5 best smart locks available in India right now

As technology advances, the way we keep things secure and protected is changing in India. For consumers, we have a plethora of options available in the market meant for safety purposes. Recently, smart locks have also appeared in the market. These are the most trending gadgets currently to keep users home protected against unexpected situations.To get more news about high security electronic lock , you can visit official website.

The mechanism of the smart lock is similar to a traditional one having two parts lock and the key. However, in this case, the key is not physical but your smartphone with a special key configured explicitly for this purpose, which wirelessly performs the authentication needed to automatically unlock the door. It can also grant access to a third-party utilizing a virtual key that is shared with the recipient smartphone over an e-mail or via SMS. While some of them work remotely via a mobile app, some include a built-in Wi-Fi connection and few of them can also be paired with smart doorbells allowing users to see who is at the door.
So today we bring you a list of the latest smart locks that are available in India based on its features and functionalities, which not only keeps your home safe but looks stylish too leaving an impressive style statement on your guests.
This smart lock comes with fingerprint access that can register up to 100 fingerprints, RFID Smart Key for ease of access. Also, up to 4 unique passwords can be registered on this having a mechanical key in case of emergency. The locks are compatible with a remote or a video door phone easy access.

The Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock has Privacy Function, Fire Sensor, Multi-Level Volume Control, Door Thickness 35 mm – 65 mm, Backset 70 mm. In addition to this there it includes auto-locking functionality, Adjustable Sky Code, Low Battery Indication and Breaks in Damage Alarm.

the Yale Digital Door Lock YDE50 is a security device with a digital; keypad. This digital lock has multiple modes of access like RF card, pin code and mechanical key override. This is capable of registering 30 RF cards and 78 pin code users. It supports a door thickness from 35 mm to 55 mm.

In case of emergency, the lock is automatically unlocked from inside with the lever handle. Furthermore, it has a low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal: It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED.

The next on our list is the digital lock by Ecotech which features a small screen with a sleeker look. For biometrics, there is Fingerprint, RFID Card, Password and Mechanical Key. This supports aa door thickness of 31.75-120MM bundled with other components such as 1 Set of Lock, 1 Set of Catch Assembly, 2 Keys and 2 User Cards. Moreover, it can register more than 200 users via Password, RFID and the fingerprint too.

This lock comes with a 4 key combination along with a fingerprint sensor for authentications. This lock can support up to 120 fingerprints along with one unique digit password. While the fingerprint template can be automatically updated using a registered password. It has a 30-megapixel CMOS colour sensor resolution and 500 DPI anti-destruction sensor with 4h pencil 20 cm continuous impact of 1000 times without being damaged. Comes with a mechanical key that can be used in case of emergency.

Among the rest, this is the most affordable digital lock that comes on our list next. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and t grants access from anywhere using any smartphone (Android and iPhone). Theft Alarm included. In addition to this one can also check the status of the doors whether it opened or closed remotely via an app that also allows you to set up an alarm in case of unauthorized entry. Apart from Wi-Fi it also works with Jio and Airtel hotspots and can also be paired with Amazon Echo device and Google Home for voice command.

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