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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-06-11 02:28
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Top Reasons for Falling In Love With Ebike

We talked about the top barriers of stopping people from riding an electric bike in our last blog. It is true that in some of the circumstances, ebikes may not be the most appropriate choices. However, everything has two sides and electric bikes are no exception. Continuing with the research by Portland State University, the reasons for falling in love with ebikes seems also quite common. To get more news about tektro aries , you can visit official website.

“To Avoid Traffic in My Car”
Obviously, it's the most popular factor for pushing people riding ebikes. Ebikes' small size determines that people can move freely and easily in traffic during the peak time, but please pay attention, safety is always the top priority. Approximately 25% of respondents admit that this is one of the reasons they prefer riding instead of driving a car.To get more news about sr suntour sp12 ncx seatpost , you can visit official website.

“For Environmental Reasons”

Environmental issues have become extremely serious from this century. The continuous deterioration of the environment makes people realize the importance of low-carbon or carbon-free travel. Not only countries or organizations, every person should take responsibility for it. In the research, nearly 30% of respondents agree with this statement.To get more news about himiway cruiser , you can visit official website.

“It's A Cost Effective Form of Transportation”

As the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate and increasing demand in summer, the gas price keeps breaking records. The gas price in California hit a record $6 a gallon and not many people can afford such a high gas price. Therefore, the battery-powered electric bike replaces the use of vehicles to some degree in the aspect of cost. This reason represented 43% of the respondents.

“To Ride with Less Effort”

One of the strongest parts that differs between regular bikes and electric bikes is the pedaling power assistance. People are able to ride with less effort and avoid sweat. Of course, some of them may argue that biking's main goal is exercising. But as our previous blog said, riding an ebike is also a useful way of exercise. Almost 60% of respondents choose riding electric bikes because of this reason.

We shouldn't be biased. As our last blog asked, Are the advantages of ebike greater than its shortages? We believe that everyone has their answer after reading this blog. Choosing the most suitable transportation way is the key.

momolsie3     Joined: 27 Jun 2023   Posts: 4  
Post Posted: 2023-09-24 10:29
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Electric bikes are popular for their ability to navigate through traffic easily, offering a convenient alternative to cars. Safety should always be a top priority when riding by .

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