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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-11-28 02:50
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The Best Bike Helmets for Every Type of Cyclist

Wearing a bike helmet should be a given. Even if you’ve never fallen — and never plan to fall — if you do, you’ll surely want something to protect your head from hitting the asphalt, car hood, or tree. Thankfully, today’s bike helmets now come with features that outweigh any potential drawbacks. They boast venting to keep you cool, wicking liners that stop sweat from getting in your eyes, quickly adjustable systems, chin straps that offer a snug fit, and foam padding for comfortable rides. And they're better than ever at protecting your head; all helmets in the United States have to match the same safety standards, but the latest models employ loads of tech to distribute the energy impacts to the helmet rather than to you.To get more news about ebike helmet , you can visit official website.
Our overall best pick – Smith Persist – employs a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which redirects the rotational effects of a fall by letting an impact-absorbing layer rotate slightly upon collision. It's the same tech that’s found in the Bontrager Velocis MIPS (Best for Road Biking), Smith Express (Most Versatile), and the Smith x Rapha Forefront 2 (Best for Mountain Biking). From those that emphasize style as much as function to those suited for cold or hot conditions, we’ve got you covered.
Reasonably priced for a higher-quality helmet, the Smith Persist provides a touch of urban style and loads of protection. The road-centric lid includes Smith’s adjustable VaporFit system, which works to provide a near-custom fit via an easy-to-operate dial that adjusts the band around 270 degrees of your head; it’s simple to get a snug-but-not-tight fit. A cache of 21 vents work to channel air to keep you cool, and an AirEvac system works to help keep hot air off your sunglasses to avoid fogging, though it’s optimal when used with a pair of Smith glasses because they were designed to fit together. It also boasts the highest-level of protection on the market with its MIPS Brain Protection System, which reduces rotational forces from angled impacts.

The skate-style Giro Quarter has been optimized with a polyurethane bumper to handle the rough singletrack and provides enough protection for the casual cyclist as well. The low-profile design comes with an EPS liner to help reduce impact, riveted webbing anchors for durability, and internal pads that absorb sweat, which can be swapped out to help dial the optimal fit. The ABS shell provides ample protection, compatible with US and EU standards, and nine vents help regulate the internal temps.

Travel + Leisure commerce editor Lydia Price recommends the Express MIPS if you’re looking for a casual, minimalist design that suits a variety of uses from commuting to recreational wear. Available in sleek matte hues from merlot to cloudgrey, this helmet provides advanced MIPs protection but is lightweight enough to transport across cities and into the office. “The Express comes with an optional visor that’s super simple to attach and remove and adds another layer of sun protection for your vision without the added bulk of a built-in visor. Casual riders like myself will appreciate that this all-in-one-type package also includes a rear light and straightforward, seamless dial that lets you adjust to the perfect fit,” she says.

Savvy bike commuters want a helmet that’ll keep them protected without looking like they’re pedaling a stage of the Tour de France. And the Cityzen Kineticore from Lazer gives you that – as well as other commuter-friendly features not found in other helmets. It’s compatible with the brand’s Universal Lazer LED light, which attaches to the back of the helmet to keep you visible on early a.m. or late evening rides, with four vents to avoid overheating and an easy-to-adjust TurSys dial fit system. It also boasts a four-star safety rating from Virginia Tech, utilizing both dual-layer Kineticore Controlled Crumple Zones that handle direct and rotational impacts to redirect the energy away from your head and a flexible ABS outer shell to handle smaller impacts.

Whether you’re on a casual weekend ride or clipping in for a race, the Bontrager Velocis MIPS Helmet delivers. The engineers at Bontrager used a wind tunnel to assure the helmet has the most aerodynamic design possible and layered ample ventilation throughout to keep things cool and flowing. Fit is guaranteed thanks to a dial system that uses bomber BOA laces that embrace the head without hot spots, and integrated MIPS provides the best possible protection from both angled and direct impacts.

Designed in partnership with haute cycling company Rapha, the Smith x Rapha Forefront 2 is Smith’s premier mountain bike helmet. It comes with all the singletrack-essential features you need, including a three-position adjustable visor and compatibility with both sunglasses and goggles. A network of 20 vents work to keep you cool and to expel hot air so that your lenses don’t get foggy (and, if you’re wearing Smith glasses, you can also slide them into storage channels at the front or back to protect your lenses when you’re not wearing them). The VaporFit dial system offers a 270-degree fit with one-handed adjustment and an antimicrobial lining helps control odors. As for protection, the Forefront 2 doubles down, with the MIPS Brain Protection System for angled impacts, Koroyd coverage to absorb energy, and an integrated skeletal structure that acts like a strong, impact-resisting roll cage.

Most bike helmet manufacturers don’t make a winter-specific helmet, largely because most cyclists who bike in cold weather just add insulation via a tight-fitting hat or a headband. But if you pride yourself on cycling in the coldest of weather, turn to the Salomon MTN Lab, a unisex helmet that meets the safety requirements of alpine, mountaineering, and biking. A removable merino wool liner helps wick sweat and amp the heat to keep you dry and warm, which works well with the built-in air channels to establish a steady, warm internal temperature, and insulated 3D-perforated ear-pads that won’t block sounds (a cycling essential). The dial system makes it easy to get the optimal fit, and the brand’s patented EPS4D tech maximizes energy absorption to protect you from oblique and vertical impacts with a lightweight PC shell that’s fused with an EPS liner to max comfort and protection. It also comes with a summer liner and a bag that can easily attach to a backpack.

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