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upamfva     Joined: 05 May 2021   Posts: 918  
Post Posted: 2022-11-28 03:06
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Himiway Bike introducing premier long-range ebikes to the Canadian market

North America-based leading long-range electric bike brand, Himiway Bike, is pleased to announce its expansion to the Canadian market next month. The fat tire electric bike company has already launched its official website for Canadian customers, extending all the electric bikes they offer to the American market.To get more news about himiway bike , you can visit official website.

Himiway will officially expand to the Canadian market on August 1, 2022. However, their Canadian website has already started accepting orders. Also, Himiway is celebrating the new expansion with two handsome promotions. All customers will get 100 CAD off on their order for just a newsletter subscription. The leading ebike company is also offering a larger discount of 200 CAD on the purchase of 2 bikes.
Himiway Bike has come up with all their 7 long-range e-bikes for the Canadian market.

One of the bestsellers from the company is Himiway Cruiser. The Cruiser is backed by a sturdy 750W motor and Samsung 840Wh battery that all together enable it to achieve a solid range of 60 miles on a single range. Regular electric bikes have been shown to offer no more than 40 miles on a single range. The Cruiser also stands out with higher mechanical stability and powerful grip, courtesy its 26” fat tires.

Interestingly, Himiway has further launched two upgraded versions of the Cruiser- Cruiser Step-Thru and Zebra. The Step-Thru is a versatile model and assures a higher comfort level through its low-step design. The Zebra comes with an improved inner ring and a more powerful 960Wh battery backed by 52 5000mAh battery cells. The upgraded engineering enables Zebra to achieve a much higher mileage range (80 miles) on a single charge than its predecessor.
The other two major categories of Himiway electric bikes are Himiway Cobra and Himiway Escape Pro.

Considered one of the best electric bikes on the market, the Cobra is an advanced mountain bike. The bike is strategically designed with improved coil suspension and 4-bar linkage suspension that helps it ride comfortably over all kinds of bumps across hilly terrain. The Cobra version also sports the largest e-bike tires across the American market. The Cobra Pro, an upgraded version of Cobra, is the FIRST middle-range electric bike in the American scene with a 4-bar linkage suspension. Compared to Cobra’s 750W motor, the Pro version shines brighter with 1300W peak motor capacity.

The Escape Pro version is known for its high-range stability and improved braking system. It’s a moped-style electric bike that allows riders to set and view every parameter through an advanced LCD multifunctional display. Himiway has also launched an upgraded version of Escape Pro, namely, Big Dog. The electric bike is great for both daily commute and long-distance travel.

jameseo     Joined: 25 Aug 2022   Posts: 320  
Post Posted: 2022-11-30 15:12
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