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phpMyEdit Installation     26 Sri Lankan ministers "resign" for a whole serie
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jira13578     Joined: 16 Dec 2020   Posts: 561  
Post Posted: 2022-04-07 05:37
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26 Sri Lankan SLOTXO Ministers Submit a resignation letter! To open the way for the prime minister to set up a new cabinet to solve the worst economic crisis in decades

Sri Lankan Education Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that all 26 Sri Lankan cabinets have submitted resignations to Prime Minister Mahindra Rajapaksa to allow the prime minister to appoint a new cabinet to help support the country's progress. current economic crisis After facing a situation where people in many cities, including Colombo, came out to protest in the streets yesterday to demand that the government under the leadership of the Rajapaksa family resign Including many people also accused the current government that mismanagement and corruption in government agencies causing the worst economic crisis in decades

While the BBC news agency said that two people in the Sri Lankan government who have not resigned are Prime Minister Mahindra Rajapaksa and President Kothaphaya Rajapaksa, and although the protests violate the government's orders. It banned people from leaving their homes at night, or curfew, and violated special orders banning protests in streets, parks, train stations or near the seaside. But protest leaders said the order was meaningless.

Sri Lanka is a serious crisis! Diesel is in short supply, no power supply for 13 hours a day, communication is paralyzing
Sri Lanka is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis since British independence in 1948, starting with a shortage of foreign currency. This made Sri Lanka unable to exchange foreign currency to purchase fuel from abroad. Then other critical problems in the later stages, such as a half-day power outage or longer. because the state electricity company has a shortage of fuel There is no diesel to generate electricity. food shortage Medicines and fuels continually create dissatisfaction with the people

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