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Chapter 2. Installation

In this chapter are detailed installation notes written.

2.1. Getting started

phpMyEdit enables PHP scripters to quickly create forms used to interact with data stored in a MySQL database table. The procedure described below will enable you to generate the calling script containing the database logon and a variety of options. An included file phpMyEdit.class.php will later manipulate MySQL records based on user options which are configurable in the calling script. The calling script essentially generates one form which facilitates actions that include add record, change record, copy record, view record, delete record, etc.

phpMyEdit is available for download from Platon.SK. Extract, or unzip, the program files to your computer's hard disk. The download file includes icons and various language files which should be extracted into sub-folders below the file named phpMyEdit.class.php.


Before uploading the program files to your server, make certain that your FTP client is not configured to force filenames to lower case letters.

With the program files uploaded to your server, point your web browser to the file named phpMyEditSetup.php. You will be prompted to enter your MySQL database logon (hostname, username, and password) and click the Submit button. The logon screen should resemble the picture below.

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